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1 Kings of the Joseon Dynasty

1 Kings of the Joseon Dynasty

In 1392 the Joseon dynasty was founded by King Taejo, the first king of the Joseon dynasty and the throne was succeeded by 26 kings for 519 years until Japanese occupetion in 1910. Kings of Joseon had sovereign power as rulers. A monarch's virtuous rule would be benefit to the whole country and his achievements would be passed on to his descendants. For this reason symbols of the monarch, which were placed near the king, represented his dynastic legitimacy, political authority and ceremonial dignity. Among the royal symbols, people considered royal seals as the most important emblem. Besides the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, the Genealogy of the Royal Clan and the Royal Protocols were considered to be precious records.

Official Seals Returned to Korea: Great Seal of King Gojong and Seal of King Hyojong

DATE : 2020-2-20(Tue) ~ 2020-5-31(Sun)
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