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Sliding Doors with Ten Symbols of Longevity


  • Artifact No.

    Changdeok6454, Changdeok6453, Changdeok6455, Changdeok6456
  • Period

    late 19th century
  • Material

    Color on silk, wood
  • Dimensions

    L. 150.4 × W. 228.8cm

첨부파일 :

These sixteen door-leaves form a set which consists of four sides each in the form of four-leaf sliding doors. When these door leaves are installed, the lattice work faces outward and the paintings face inward, thereby creating a complete panoramic scene of the ten longevity symbols in the land of immortals. Ten elements symbolizing long life, such as the sun, the moon, water, bamboo, pine trees, tortoises, cranes, deers, lingzi fungus and peach trees, were depicted on a long silk canvas, cut into sixteen pieces and mounted on the door leaves.

The top corner of the back of each panel bears a number that marks the installation order of the door panels that also connects them into a whole painting. A pair of central door-leaves on each side has either deerskin straps for door handles or traces of them. The central pairs of panels on three sides each bear an octagonal paper window for allowing light, and one of these three sides is 8cm taller than other doors.

Considering the subject matters depicted on these door leaves are symbols of long life and good fortune, and that the exterior of the door leaves are pasted with blue and red silk, the door leaves probably decorated a space within the living quarters of the king or high ranking royals.