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National Palace Museum

National Palace Museum

500 Years of the Joseon Dynasty, Facing Its Life

Time to watch

  • Weekdays and weekends

    10:00 ~ 18:00 ※ The entrance deadline is an hour ago

  • Closed day

    1.1(New Year's Day), 2.10(Lunar new year), 9.17(Chuseok)


Permanent Exhibitions

The Permanent Exhibitions consists of three floors and seven Permanent Exhibitions.
I hope it will be an opportunity to enjoy royal culture while enjoying the exhibition.
The relics in the permanent Permanent Exhibitions are periodically replaced for better preservation. Learn more


The National Palace Museum of Korea discloses representative collections and academic information that can understand history and culture, including politics, life, art, and science, of the Joseon Dynasty and the Korean Empire.

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