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Painting of Gyeongwoogung, the Shrine for Royal Noble Consort Subin


  • Artifact No.

  • Period

  • Material

    Color on paper
  • Dimensions

    W. 452.8 X H. 222.3cm

첨부파일 :

This painting portrays the shrine site for Royal Noble Consort Subin (1770-1822), who was the royal concubine of King Jeongjo (r. 1776-1800) and the mother of King Sunjo (r. 1800-1834). The building also played its role as the portrait hall as 2 portraits of King Sunjo and 3 portraits of King Ikjong (1809-1830. died as crown prince and later posthumously honored as king by his son, King Heonjong) were brought in from the Juhapru Pavilion of Changdeokgung Palace in 1837. 

The buildings in the painting are arranged in parallel diagonal lines, which were widely used for court event paintings in the late Joseon Dynasty. Only the main hall area of the shrine is depicted from a bird's-eye view perspective. According to the Royal Protocol for Constructing the Shrine of Royal Noble Consort Subin, the shrine was built in 1824.